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How does BRAND SEEN ON work?

3 easy steps to be featured on NBC, ABC, FOX and many more media.

We write an article about your business

You can also provide your own article if you’ve got that written. The article will surely talk about your business, and what you have to offer in that.

Your article gets published to 100+ media sites

We will send your article to our wide network of news and media sites as well as TV Stations which include affiliates of major ABC, NBC, FOX and many more.

You can write “Featured On ABC, NBC, FOX” with your business

We will send you the a pdf of your required format document with all the live links to your article. And proof that your business has been featured.

We guarantee publishing to major news and 100+ media channels

Your article will be distributed on more than 100 power news locales over our network, with ensured distributing to associates of ABC, NBC, FOX, and USA Today.

Many of these websites get more than 5 million visitors for each month. This makes getting distributed on our system an incredible method to improve your image perceivability, increase several link back connections to your website (for SEO), and gain monstrous trust with your clients.


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BRAND SEEN ON step by step process

  • You will submit basic information about your business / niche
  • We will research on that and will write the best article about your brand or business (You can also provide yours).
  • We will publish that article to ABC, NBC & FOX affiliates etc.
  • We will send you the list of 100+ real, live URLs to your published article as a proof of your article been published.
  • You can now happily display “As Seen On ABC, NBC, FOX” and more on your website, book, social media, or you can also get that tattooed.


$397You provide us the article, we publish it.
  • Surety of publishing to 100+ sites
  • Published to NBC, ABC, FOX, and USA Today affiliates
  • Published to Google News, Digital Journal & Ask.com
  • Doc containing live URLS of all your articles
  • 4 day delivery
  • You provide written article to publish
$1500Unlimited revisions before publishing
  • Surety of publishing to 100+ sites
  • Published to NBC, ABC, FOX, and USA Today affiliates
  • Published to Google News, Digital Journal & Ask.com
  • Doc containing live URLS of all your articles
  • 10 day delivery
  • 1000 words article provided/written by us
  • Revisions offered: Unlimited

Wondering how BRAND SEEN ON promotion this all helps your brand ?

3 huge benefits that you get as you get your business published by BRAND SEEN ON

Humongous social proof

As seen on ABC, NBC, FOX, USA TODAY and many more media logos are now a days must-have thing to prove your brand presence and identity to increase conversion rates and getting more sales eventually.

Perfect for SEO

Each of your article will have links sending visitors back to your website. Backlins are very important in this era for ranking higher on the most used search engines as google, bing and many more.

Free traffic

An article will normally get over a 100+ visits with in the first day or a few hours as soon as it is published, which means huge traffic and increasing sales a great great deal.

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We assure you that your article will be published on our wide network of authentic news sites, including affiliates of mainly, ABC, NBC, FOX & USA Today.

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